We currently have eight active committees. Below provides additional information and responsibilities of each committee. We are always looking for new volunteers in all of our committees, so please let us know if you are interested in joining!

  1. Beautification Committee–  set short- and long-term goals for landscaping projects, tree planting programs and initiatives, wildflower planting, quality of life projects, such as:
    1. Parks development and improvements
    2. Downtown rehabilitation
    3. Historic preservation and restoration
  2. Business and Industry Committee: educate the business community and develop financial resources for programs.
  3. Civic/Neighborhood Committee: develop special projects for local community and neighborhood groups, civics; church and club groups; to involve people in the projects and to educate people about litter,
  4. Education/ Schools: educate school children regarding litter and waste handling practices; to educate officials, teachers, semi-professional staff, clerical and maintenance staffs regarding cleanliness techniques; and recognition of outstanding class/school/staff,
  5. Fundraising/Finance Committee: coordinate all fundraising efforts by the Board. To solicit funds from local businesses; to write grants; and to set the budget for the Board to approve.
  6. Law enforcement/Municipal Committee: work with local government agencies to educate citizens and enforce environmental codes and ordinances/ To review, update, and rewrite ordinances. This committee serves as the “Gatekeeper” of the trash handling practices in the city.
  7. Public Awareness Committee: inform the public and develop programs of recognition.
  8. Recycling Committee: explore all solid waste options for the community; to provide education to the general public about recycling; to plan innovative activities that will involve the community in recycling’ and to keep recycling on the mind of the public at all times.