Clean-Up Events


The 2021 Trash-Off and Blanco River Cleanup is scheduled for April 10.

Information for KBB’s 2021 Don’t Mess with Texas Trash-off and Blanco River Cleanup Event:

KBB’s Annual Don’t Mess with Texas Trash-off and Blanco River Cleanup event will take place on Saturday, April 10, 2021 from 9 a.m. to noon. Here is a link to the permission form that volunteers (and/or parents) can fill out online:  Volunteers can download a hard copy of the permission slip here. Additional information will come shortly. We are looking forward to cleaning up the city with you!


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On 1/12/21, the Blanco County Commissioners Court approved the creation of a county “Adopt a Road” program. Additional information will come shortly. Blanco County Adopt a Road Program

If you are interested in hosting an individual cleanup event please fill this out:


From Keep Texas Beautiful: January 18, 2021. Your health and safety are our number one priority at Keep Texas Beautiful. In order to do our part to help reduce the risk of COVID-19, KTB is promoting cleanups for individuals, members of the same household or small groups (size dependent on your local government guidelines). Please follow all local, county, and state guidance. KTB reminds Texans to stay safe when choosing to go outside and clean up your communities. This is an unprecedented time marked by constant change. We encourage you to regularly check the affiliate portal and our social media channels for up to the minute news. During this time, we hope to remain a resource for you. Below you will find a digital toolkit of resources to provide guidance and support in the wake of COVID-19. We appreciate all the work our affiliates and volunteers do to help make Texas the cleanest, most beautiful state in the nation. Please let us know if you have any questions or would just like to connect with us. The KTB team is here to help. 

Photos of some of our past trash-off events:

2002 Trash-Off

2004 Trash-Off

2017 Trash-Off

2018 Trash-Off

2019 Trash-Off

2019 DMWTTO Art Contest

2019 Fall Sweep

2020 City of Blanco’s Trash-Off

Information for KBB’s Fall Sweep Event:

KBB will be hosting a Fall Sweep Event sponsored by Keep Texas Beautiful. This event is similar to our annual Trash-off event in the spring and will focus on picking up litter around town. We will be posting more information about the event on here. If you or your organization are interested in forming a team for this event, please contact us. Additional information will be available when the event gets closer.


Here’s a list of recommended hashtags for our events this year:

#KeepBlancoBeautiful #DoBeautifulThings #GAC #DMWTTO  #KeepTexasBeautiful #KeepAmericaBeautiful #BeautifyTx  #BeautifyBlanco #TrashTag #KTBFallSweep

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