Welcome to Keep Blanco Beautiful’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program page!

Are you tired of seeing cigarette butts littered along the sidewalks and streets? Join Keep Blanco Beautiful’s (KBB) Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP). KBB has partnered with Keep America Beautiful to begin implementing this program. The project’s goal is to decrease the amount of cigarette butts around town by providing more receptacles/personal ashtrays and educate community members. “…the most effective ways to address cigarette butt littering include increasing the availability of ash receptacles and portable ashtrays, decreasing the amount of existing litter through clean-up activities, and educating the public with motivational messages that target individual responsibility and obligation,” according to KAB’s website. Education will be a major component in KBB’s CLPP. KBB would like to add more receptacles around town. Pocket ashtrays and portable auto ashtrays will also be purchased and distributed in the future. A majority of the cigarette litter in town is along the roads so the auto ashtrays should help reduce the amount. KBB is hopeful to have a cigarette butt litter free historic district by May 2020 but needs the help of the community! Let’s join together to  create a cleaner, greener, more beautiful town!  (Must be 18 or older.) 


2019 CLPP Infographic by KAB

Cigarette Butt Litter Fact Sheet by KAB

CLPP 2017 Virginia Beach Case Study by KAB


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Image from Sidewalk Buttler*
Image from Side Buttler* 
Image from the National Parks Service**