Earth Day

Come out to Bindseil Park on Friday, April 22, 2022, at 10 a.m. to celebrate Earth Day with Keep Blanco Beautiful! 

Our main event will be placing plant labels in the grow zone of the Town Creek Riparian Restoration Project. The project began back in 2018 and KBB partnered with the Hill Country Alliance, Nature Conservancy, and Texas Parks and Wildlife. The goal of the Town Creek Riparian Restoration project is to restore and beautify the native riparian corridor along Town Creek in downtown Blanco in a manner that provides for both recreational uses and ecological functions, including stream stability, erosion control, flood mitigations, wildlife habitat, and water quality. Many native plants have been planted in the grow zone area to help prevent future erosion in the area. With the funds received from the 2021 HEB Greenbag Grant, we were able to purchase educational plant labels to put in the riparian area. This will help citizens/visitors learn what they are looking at while viewing the grow zone. The labels are stainless steel and 2 inches by 4 inches on a 10-inch stand and each has the plant’s common name, a brief description, and the Latin scientific name. We will have a tour of the river. If you would like more information about this project please visit our website at
At our Earth Day event, we will also have a table set up with information about Blanco’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. The program’s goal is to decrease the amount of cigarette butts around town by providing more receptacles/personal ashtrays and to educate community members. “…the most effective ways to address cigarette butt littering include increasing the availability of ash receptacles and portable ashtrays, decreasing the amount of existing litter through clean-up activities, and educating the public with motivational messages that target individual responsibility and obligation,” according to Keep America Beautiful’s website. We will have pocket ashtrays, cigarette litter brochures, and “Don’t Leave Your Butts Behind” window decals available. For more information please visit We will also have a “Don’t Mess with Texas” area that day and will be handing out stickers and other fun trinkets.